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Autumn Week V: Mother Daughter Magic - Light Up the Lineage

Light Up the Lineage

Heal the Mother Wound
Reconnect with your Female Essence
Awaken the Power in your Womb

A profound week of nourishment for diving deep into the relationship we have with our own mother and the relationship she has with us. We will clear blockages in our feminine ancestry and pave the way for more clarity and energy.

Bring your own mother to Ibiza, instead of your little one. If you can't bring your mother you can still come to work on this relationship and others in your ancestry.

The yoga teacher leading this retreat is Suzanne Faith

Facilitators on this retreat will include Claudia Spahr and Monica Pelayo. Facilitators on this retreat will include Claudia Spahr, Melissa Indot and Monica Pelayo

There will be limited spaces for some mothers to bring children to this retreat, in case they cannot leave them at home.

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