A supported week of nourishment for mama and child. 

An intimate HolyMama Retreat during the school holidays. Older children are very welcome.

At a specially selected house in Ibiza, this retreat is designed for a small group of Mamas who need TLC, support and time out.

With HolyMamaLove we are planting a new seed in the way we support women and children. This retreat will include some low-cost sponsored spaces for women who are struggling financially and have experienced a form of abuse in their relationships (this can be from parents, not just partners). We will work on rewiring patterning and conditioning that is keeping us in cycles of the victim-perpetrator mindset and other imprints of suffering. 

We are cross-subsidizing this retreat via mothers who can afford to pay in full and HolyMamaHub, our new online membership which launches in March Like everything we have done at HolyMama we are nurturing HolyMamaLove to grow organically. We are weaving and co-creating with others who share our vision. If you are one of them please reach out to us via admin@holymama.info.

Our bigger vision is that we take HolyMama Love into refugee camps, orphanages and shelters. We are happy to hear from anyone who is aligned with this vision.  

We dream of seeing retreats to uplift women in worn-torn countries like the Congo or Liberia. We envisage paying legal fees for women who can’t afford them in places like Nepal and offer leadership mentoring for women starting their own business in places like Afghanistan. Our mission is to enable women and children and continue creating safe and sacred enclaves around the globe. Our mission is to connect and celebrate each other.

HolyMama is a global movement bringing women and children into the forefront

Offering an opportunity for additional nurture & nourishment

Our mission at HolyMama is to create a sacred space for mamas and children. This nurturing 'love field' is the perfect environment for mothers to reconnect with their true essence as creative, powerful females.  

HolyMama retreats include yoga, meditation, accommodation, meals prepared by private chefs, snacks, daily childcare and a beauty treatment such as a pedicure or facial. It is an 'all-inclusive' holiday for mother and child. Finally here is a yoga retreat where you can bring children and babies. As one participant put it, "Everything is top quality: Accommodation, yoga, food and childcare. Its real value for money" (see other testimonials here).

As motherhood involves constant giving, on this retreat you have the possibility to recharge. You'll be supported, looked after and nurtured with organic and well balanced meals. Mornings are for you to enjoy yoga, brunch with other mums, massages, treatments, a one-to-one consultation and time alone in order to reconnect with your self, which is vital for all those in your family system. Afternoons there is free-time for going to the beach, village visits, walks, pool fun and of course spending precious hours with your child.

You can come on the retreat with your baby, toddler or child. We also have limited space for mothers with more than one child. The childcare is Waldorf/Montessori style with two children assigned to one carer. There is the option of having one-on-one care. The childcare team is multi-lingual and extraordinary.

Come to this magical island to enjoy quality time with your child and gain some space for your own visions. Escape to the sun, sea, countryside and clean, fresh air.

The island and venue

We love Ibiza – the original location for the HolyMama retreats. It is a glittering jewel in the Mediterranean where the energy is perfect for yoga, meditation, healing, dancing and transformation. Legend says there are crystals under the earth in Ibiza which is why everything vibrates at a higher frequency; others say it is one of the most magnetic spots on the planet working as an energy vortex. Either way Ibiza makes people feel different; freer maybe. The island can also polarise things you need to transform – so come with an open mind and ready to embrace the changes this scorpio island will catapult you into.

Our venue of choice is Can Fornás. A 400 year old traditional country farmhouse in the Es Fornas Valley.
The house has been maintained without affecting the original structure or the surrounding nature.
Its facilities include an ancient pirate tower, originally built to protect local farmers from Barbary pirates 400 years ago and where one of the rooms is now located, which adds even more charm to this small treasure of Ibizan architecture.

The property is situated on the top of the hills of Benimussa so it enjoys incredible views. Surrounded by vegetation, flowers and fruit trees, the house also has a shaded area ideal for yoga and meditation. Around the property there are ancient farmed terraces forests and hills making it ideally suited to agricultural education.

The venue does not have a pool, but the beautiful beaches of Ibiza are a short drive away.

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What will be included

  • 6 nights/7 days accommodation in Can Fornás - a 400 year old traditional country farmhouse in the Es Fornas Valley for you and your child/ children.

  • Daily 90 minute to 2 hour morning yoga class for mums

  • 2 evening meditations (for e.g. HolyMama Women's Circle with flower mandala, womb healing and activation led by Claudia, Sundance/Medicine Dance, Sound Healing with live instruments and voice). Evening babysitting included, in case your child wakes up.

  • Opening welcome circle for mums and children, closing circle for mums.

  • 2-3 children's yoga classes with special children's yoga teacher

  • Creative children's programme every morning for 3.5-4 hours. Multi-lingual, heart-centered carers using Montessori/Waldorf approach. Languages spoken English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.

  • All meals for you and your child. These are delicious, organic, vegetarian meals prepared by high-end caterers and private chefs. Children's evening meal prepared by children's chef.

  • Snacks and fruit

  • Unlimited herbal teas and mineral water

  • Beautiful welcome gift

  • Yoga mats, towels, bed-linen, hairdryers, WiFi etc

If you want to bring a second child this is generally an extra 350 Euros to cover extra childcare, food, sleeping arrangements.

Check-in is after 1400 and check-out is 11000 on Saturday. There is no fixed schedule for Sunday to allow for rest after travel.

More questions? Refer to our FAQ section