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Third time back and I still feel the magic of this totally unique package. I enjoy the fact that it is special, it is time, it is peace. The time in the morning is magical, that time to do yoga to sort out your head and stretch your body-gives such clarity of mind. It is the most relaxing holiday ever. Special time for yourself as a mum and as a woman and time for your child.
— Christina, UK
You have given me my energy back after two difficult years in my life. I have never felt this kind of Divine Feminine energy and love before. The laid-back slow tempo of the days gave me time to recharge and all the inspiration, wonderful people and fantastic food. I am so grateful for this retreat. I admire you Claudia for the work you and your team do. You make this world better. You have made my life better.
— Anna. Sweden
You have an amazing vision and have attracted a prolific group of gifted individuals. This is how we should all strive to eat, move, meditate and support each other. In one week it is possible to reset our entire world and you have opened that door. Amazing closing ceremony. You’ve got it.
— Alyssa, USA
You girls rock big time. I had an amazing time here. The Ibizan kindness, good vibes, great food and not to forget the great yoga. I love every aspect of this journey.
— Sharo, Holland
I have felt so supported, listened to, accepted and loved during my time here. We had the most amazing time and will be back for more next year
— Tracy, UK
It has been transformative. As the mum of a six month old and a two year old, this retreat has been food for the soul.
— Gaby. Canada
Lovely people, wonderful food, great yoga. My son fell in love with his babysitter. I feel recharged and relaxed. I’ll be back.
— Eva-Charlotte, Norway
Our 2nd time here at HolyMama and still very special. The team, the warmth and love really sets this retreat apart from the rest. I return to my day job, my real life with a sense of strength, purpose and well-being.
— Sarah, UK
My sons and I were able to relax, become closer with one another and nature, in a warm and nurturing environment. I thought the food was amazing and the boys had so much fun with the carers. The retreat exceeded our expectations.
— Marina, USA
We really enjoyed being part of such a wonderful community. The yoga and food were absolutely stunning. We really appreciate the genuine kindness of the childcarers.
— Lisa, Israel
I am so glad I decided to come back. I have gone from feeling in crisis a couple of weeks ago to feeling calm, healthy and with a plan. Recharged and reenergized. It has been an absolute pleasure being part of the HolyMama journey.
— Erica, UK
I don’t know who’s had a better time – my daughter or myself. It has been everything I was looking for when I booked.
— Jeanette, Spain
The yoga classes, the great team, the wonderful food, the spa, the meditations, the other moms and children and the health care talk with Claudia. All things were amazing. I was very impressed, how much everybody cared.
— Claudia, Germany
The yoga was great, just the right amount. There was a very friendly and supportive vibe from the staff, you certainly felt like they would try and help you in any way they could. And it was lovely to spend a week with friends I don’t get to see enough.
— Helen, UK
Thank you for an unforgettable week. I came pregnant and with my 22 month old boy; a lot of tension in my body and a lot of confusion in my mind and heart. Today, I’m leaving with a relaxed body, a calm mind and a heart full of joy, trust and the certainty that I’m on my path.
— Melaine, Switzerland
We had a really magical week. I enjoyed some amazing yoga and discovering new things about my son. Everyone was so helpful and did everything with such love and kindness. We will take that spirit back with us.
— Kate, Congo