HolyMama Questions

What is the daily schedule like?

Wake up time is individual. You can use your house kitchen to prepare your warm morning beverage (we suggest herbal tea or lemon water) and choose from the options of breakfast for your child. You’ll be made a fresh green juice or power smoothie to have after yoga. Lunch is also after yoga so we suggest you refrain from filling your beautiful belly until you’ve

09:00 HolyCarers arrive to HolyMama Haven and mums from both houses bring kids here to be handed over. The children spend the morning with the HolyCarers outside in the play-area at HolyMama Haven or inside the indoor shala. Babies are kept in a special soft-play area in the lounge. There is a quiet sleeping area inside for babies in prams and a space more adequate for toddlers. The children have a specially designed programme with a range of activities including circle time, painting, crafts, trampoline jumping, playing, dressing up and dance. The children have a light, healthy snack of fruit, nuts and crackers at around 10:30.

09:15 - 10:45 Yoga class on the outside shala in HolyMama Sanctuary.

11:00 Brunch for the mums at HolyMama Sanctuary

11.00 - 12:30/13:00 Free mama time for massages, treatments, relaxing by pool, reading, resting, showering, chatting with others, just 'being'.

12:20 - 13:00 Mums pick up kids at HolyMama Haven. For those who have a treatment or massage childcare is until 1300. Childminding after 13:00 is an extra cost. 

12:30 Lunch for the kids

13:30 - 18:00 Free time for mama and child bonding, beach excursions, poolside relaxing, walking, village visits with playground combo and island trips. We give you a light mid-afternoon superfoods snack to take with you.

18:15 Dinner (that can be saved for those who are still out venturing the island).

Bedtime for babies and wind-down time for mums.

20:45-22:15 Tuesdays and Thursdays evening women’s circle, sound healing, activation, medicine dance or other workshop for mums. Babysitters are included for (sleeping) kids.

We can organize extra babysitters for those who want to go to Santa Gertrudis for a drink or late night shop. Ibiza Town is a 15 minute drive away and many shops stay open until at least 10pm. Great atmosphere in the old town. Not to be missed for Ibiza fans.

Which meals are included and what are they like?

You have all the meals included. Kids have breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus snacks in between, such as fruit etc). Mums have their morning juice (self-serve light breakfast before yoga for those who need to eat), brunch after yoga and dinner. There is fruit, organic spelt bread, spreads and other snacks mums can help themselves to throughout the day, as well as a mid-afternoon superfood snack you can take to the beach or on excursions. All meals are vegetarian and you can tell us if you have any allergies or intolerances so that we cater to your needs. We use only the best fresh, local, organic ingredients.

We provide finger food and puree for infants and will ask you upon arrival what your specific needs and likes are. We do recommend bringing an 'emergency packet' or two of food your baby likes because sometimes children like to eat what they're used to. We have emergency pasta as a back-up.

A sample menu would be: Lettuce wraps with buffet of fillings: Quinoa and hazelnuts, rice noodles, steamed seasonal veggies, tempeh with hoisin and peanut sauce and chia seed pudding for desert. Or: Lentil and rice patties with yoghurt mustard sauce, coleslaw, potato and yam fries with miso gravy, green salad and vegan brownies. 

We don't buy or serve any processed foods or sugary snacks/breakfast cereals. Retreat participants can use the fridges for any personal items you want to store and there is extra cupboard space in the kitchen.

Each house has a dishwasher where you can wash baby bottles. We provide fresh, local cow's milk, vegetable milks like oat and almond but we don't have any formula.

What will the weather be like?

The average temperatures in Ibiza in May/June and September/October are around 22-28 degrees Celsius. Perfect for yoga and perfect for babies. There is an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day and the water temperature is around 23 degrees. Nights can be cooler so bring sweaters, wraps and a warm pyjama or sleeping bag if you have a baby. The rooms in the houses stay nice and cool in the day but can be fresh at night. Bring some socks or slippers/flip flops for walking around inside.

What clothes should I pack?

You probably have really cute summer outfits for your kids that don’t get much wear, so do bring a couple of your favourite items. However, remember that the kids are outside most of the time and will get dirty. It’s worth packing some rough and tumble clothes and an apron for painting. The day and night time temperatures can differ quite a lot so pack some warm clothes for layering (also in case there’s a rainy day). Don’t bring too much because you may want to save some space for shopped items (Ibiza has lots of stylish things to buy).

Can I drink wine on the retreat?

We encourage you to treat this retreat as somewhat of a detox from . If you did want to go out, Santa Gertrudis has lots of great places and it is still close enough to get back quickly if your baby has woken up and needs you.   

Is it safe at the houses?

Very safe. HolyMama Sanctuary and HolyMama Haven are located in a quiet, rural part of the island, habituated mainly by local people. This is the part of Ibiza where people leave their doors open at night and their cars unlocked. You may want to bring along a baby monitor for evenings when you sit out with other mums.  

Can I share a room?

We don’t recommend sharing a room. However, if your children are older or you are used to sharing with this person it may be alright. Sharing a room works best if it’s two adults (good friends, sisters, mum and grandmother) with one child. It can also work with two children who are siblings. However two mums sharing a room with two babies or toddlers on different schedules can be stressful, even if you are really close friends. Some rooms work better for sharing so do ask which ones we'd recommend.

How do we get there from the airport?

The airport is about a 20 minute drive away. A taxi will cost between 30 - 40 Euros to the retreat location (the higher rate is for nighttime on Sunday). It’s quite easy to get a taxi from the airport and there is usually a long queue of them waiting outside. The airport is small and manageable. Basically as soon as you have picked up your luggage, you come through the doors, exit the airport and the taxi-stand is right in front. We will send you exact instructions on how to get to the finca, which you can print out and hand the driver. On the day of departure we’ll call the taxi company to reserve your car.

We can also arrange a pick-up service. This costs 40 Euros, if you're on your own but less if you're sharing. For e.g. sharing the pick-up with another mum it is 20 Euros each. We're happy to arrange it, if you prefer to be picked up.

Option three: You can hire a car ahead of your visit (see Motoluis below for our recommendation). Hiring a car is a good option because it means you’re flexible to explore the island on afternoons. If you’re renting a car you can hire a child seat with the hire company or bring your own. Not all taxis have infant/child car seats. 

How much do excursions by taxi cost?

To the charming village of Santa Gertrudis is 10 Euros. The famous sunset beach, Benirras is between 15-20 Euros and Ibiza Town around 20 -30 Euros. San Antonio and San Carlos are also around 20-30 Euros. Sometimes mothers do group together to share taxis to the beach or for excursions. Beware though that not all taxis come with baby/child seats and they will take maximum four people per car (so two mums and two kids but not two mums and three kids).

Should I hire a car?

Hiring a car is always a good idea for Ibiza as there’s no public transport in the countryside. With two airport transfers and various beach trips/excursions it sometimes works out just as cheap hiring a car. The closest beaches are about 10-15 drive along quiet, very beautiful country roads.

Which company should I use?

We recommend Motoluis so do mention us when you get in touch, in case they have any deals. Motoluis don't have any 'hidden costs' like some of the other companies that offer you one price and then surprise you with extras when you arrive for the car. With Motoluis you have the basic insurance included in the price and an optional 8 Euros per day extra if you want zero damage excess.

You can pick up and drop off the car in the airport parking so that’s very practical. It’s also very fast and hassle-free with this company dropping off the car. You literally drive into the airport parking, take your things and pop the parking ticket and car-keys through the driver’s window. Most of the other companies you have to get a minibus outside the airport grounds to pick up and drop off the car, wasting precious holiday time.

How far away are the nearest shops?

There are small supermarkets, a pharmacy and other shops in Santa Gertrudis about 3 minutes away by car. You can also walk and it would take you about 30 minutes. It's a nice walk on a quiet road through the countryside. However, most mums find they don’t need to buy anything extra during the week. 

Should I bring toys and books for my child?

There will be some toys for the mums to use. We have plenty of materials for the mornings with the HolyCarers. We do pack these away at the end of the . Of course if your child has a favourite toy or book you can fit into your bag, you’re welcome to bring these along too. Our intention is to have a week where the children can discover new things, especially nature which is so abundant in Ibiza. For this reason we prefer not to overstimulate them with too many toys or gadgets. On the mornings they go for walks in the grounds (those who can't walk are pushed in prams or carried in baby carriers) learning about the local vegetation and fruit. We have some different fruit trees including orange, lemon, fig and olive.

What about cots and high-chairs?

Airlines generally allow you to bring two items for the baby; this includes travel cot, car seat and pram.  We have plenty of high-chairs for everyone to use. If you are unable to bring a travel cot and do not wish to share the bed with your child then we can hire cots from a hire company for the extra charge of 50 Euros per travel cot per week, and 80 Euros for a wooden cot with foam mattress. This includes delivery, so let us know which you prefer or if you’re bringing your own. Most of the beds can be pushed against the wall for bed-sharing, if you prefer this option. Pram rental would cost 45 Euros per week. These costs can be either added to your quote or you can pay separately in Ibiza.

Are treatments available at the house?

Yes, therapies and treatments can be booked on-site. This is the most comfortable for you because you can schedule them while your baby is asleep, with the carers or other mums. We use some wonderful massage therapists whom you can book spontaneously when you get to Ibiza. You also have a basic pedicure or facial included in the retreat price and you can chose to add an extra beauty treatment or extend it to a full hour or 90 minutes. 

Is the yoga just for the mums?

Yes. This is your time for yourself. Serious yoga is a treat for any mum and our aim on the retreat is for you to relax, recharge, purify and regain focus. We organise two kids yoga classes in the evenings while the mums are finishing dinner. And if the kids are very little it is a class on the lawn in front of the main house with the mums, babies and toddlers.

Is there a fridge to store milk?

Yes, each house has a fridge for the use of mums where you can store fresh milk or breastmilk. Also you can heat water and prepare formula. They are homely villas with workable kitchens.

How old should my baby be?

All babies and children are welcome. You can bring your new-born or ten year-old. We have special activities for school-aged children during the holidays.

Should I bring nappies for the whole week?

If you have space in your luggage then it’s up to you. Otherwise bring enough for the first day or two (remember it’s the weekend) and then you can buy nappies in Ibiza or we can also sell you them at cost price.

Can I upgrade my childcare? 

The childcarer-child ratio of 1:2 is very comfortable compared to usual nurseries. However, you have to bear in mind that most children need more attention due to new surroundings and the break from routine. We usually recommend that babies under 9 months to a year and also toddlers with separation issues have someone assigned to them. We have found that toddlers not used to being separated from mum need one-on-one care and will have less meltdowns if this is provided.

Babies all have individual routines and regardless whether your baby is breastfeeding or bottle feeding the carer needs to know exactly what your baby needs and when. This is better if you have your own private nanny. Unless your baby self-settles then a carer would have to rock them/push them in the stroller until they sleep and this can take time and takes the carer away from the group (unfair on the group because there is one less carer to look after the other children). The childcare upgrade is also so you can enjoy the morning, stay in the yoga class, have your brunch, your pedicure and a massage or treatment if you choose to. We do come and get you, if your baby needs you (for breastfeeding, if crying inconsolably etc). It’s all in the same area so you can also come and check your baby regularly.

What if I need extra babysitting?

Childcare is provided from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 12:30. On days you have treatments childcare is included until 13.00. And we also provide babysitting (the same women who come in the morning) on two evenings during the week when we have the evening meditations. If you would like extra childcare then you can see with us who is available. The carers charge 20 Euros an hour for one child, 25 for two and 30 for three (so three mums sharing it would be 10 Euros each). If you already know ahead of the retreat you will want extra childminding, do let us know. You can book spontaneously when you get to Ibiza and see how your child is reacting to the new situation. Every child is different and some need more time to adapt. Do remember the carers live off-site and have schedules too, so the earlier you book the more guaranteed you are to have extra help. The childcare included may be enough for you, which is perfectly fine too.

Are there hiking trails around the house?

Yes, we are right next to the forest and there are some great walks on caminos (dust tracks) where you can go with your baby in a carrier or stroller. The stroller does need to be quite sturdy though. You can walk to the village of Santa Gertrudis along a tarmac road.

Do I need to bring a converter or iphone charger?

Spain has 230 V and a two-pronged socket system. So from countries like the UK, USA and Switzerland you would need a converter.

General Questions

How will I benefit from yoga?

Yoga is a powerful and integral system developed in India thousands of years ago to improve body and spirit well-being. Yoga is a Sanskrit word and means unity – the unity of body, spirit and soul.

Yoga strengthens and tones your muscles. It improves your flexibility, balance and posture. Yoga also increases blood flow and enhances the activity of the internal organs. It lowers stress and the chemicals in the blood stream related to anxiety. You will feel and look more radiant and vital. These effects are enhanced by a general sense of well being and peace of mind.

'Yoga is an advanced teaching. Some say that if you have found yoga in this lifetime then you’ve done it before and you are well on your journey of growth and expansion. Each asana is designed to purify and heal the physical body, as well as the subtle body. The cells in the tissues of our physical body actually communicate with our subtle body. No one needs this healing and purification more than a woman who has given birth and is caring for a family. We at HolyMama know how hard it is to keep on your spiritual path as a mother and we are here to support and inspire you as much as we can'. 

I’m a complete beginner at yoga, can I still come?
Of course, you are very welcome. The teacher will offer variations for both beginners and advanced students. We will make sure you get the attention and support you need.

How do I know if I’m a beginner? 
If Mulabanda sounds Martian to you, you’re probably a newbie. Within one week your practice should benefit enormously. If you’re recovering from an injury you can also come, but it’s advisable to take it slow and listen to the teacher!

My practice is rusty; will I be overwhelmed if I do a retreat? 
No, in fact it will boost your practice and take you to a deeper level. Yoga retreats are always worth it.

I’ve been practicing for years, will I get bored? 
You will always learn something, especially if you’ve been self practising. Our teachers are of very high standard and will give you the personal attention you need.

Will there be internet? 
Yes, there is WiFi in each house and many cafes and restaurants also have WiFi installed.

Is there any nightlife? 
Are you joking? This is Ibiza! You can find everything from hippy gatherings in the campo to superstar DJs at the world’s largest discotheque. There is literally something for every taste and lots going on every night. But don’t worry we are far away enough from pulsating Ibiza town. You won’t hear a baseline or staggered drunks walking down the road at 3am (that’s San Antonio). And if you’ve come to Ibiza to go to bed early and get away from the action, then you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Are there other sports I can do while in Ibiza ? 
You can go cycling in the beautiful Ibicencan countryside (bike hire available), walking at your leisure, hiking and swimming in the villa’s pool or in the pristine waters of the sea. We can also organize boat trips, kayaking and snorkeling. 

What do I bring? 
Yoga mat: We do provide mats but if you like to use your own please bring this along. 
Electrical adaptor plug: The voltage in Spain is 220 volts. You will need a conversion plug if coming from the UK or US. 
Torch: For nighttime walks in the campo, unless it’s full moon. 
Driving license: You have to show proof of this if you want to rent a scooter, motorbike or car. 
Sunscreen: Although can buy sunscreen here, if you have a particular brand you like, bring it along. 
Sunglasses: The sun is bright so don’t forget your shades. 
Mosquito repellent or citronella: There are generally not that many mosquitoes in Ibiza but if you are particularly sensitive to bites bring along repellent and light, long sleeved clothes for the evening. 
Flip flops or sandals: Need we say more? You may live in them all week.

What kind of clothes do I pack? 
You’ll be surprised how little you actually need. You can always have clothes washed at our in-house laundry service. Bring a beach towel or sarong, bikinis or swimming trunks, vest tops, t-shirts, a jumper for the evening, loose fitting yoga pants, shorts etc. Ibiza has many fantastic restaurants – and even though all meals are included – you may decide to head out one evening. In that case be sure to pack some glam rags. You CANNOT overdress in Ibiza. Everyone is a star here and performance is the name of the game. Remember to leave some space in your bag for anything you might buy here. There are some great markets with goods from all over the world, including Asia and South America. The island also has some original and very stylish designer shops.

If you have a question that isn’t listed here don’t hesitate to contact us.