“We are witnessing what indigenous and vedic prophecies, religious scriptures, astrologers and mystics have heralded as the shifting of the times. We chose to incarnate at this time for a reason. This is a time of global awakening. And it is a time of global movements that will shift the masses. We are literally dreaming a new dream into reality.”


Within 3 months you'll be able to launch your first retreat.

This business-in-a-box training is like an MBA for the wellness entrepreneur.

A Retreat is a Safe, Sacred, Open and Accepting Space for Women to Connect

with their True Essence as Creative, Powerful Beings


In today's stressful world we need more connection, more empathy and more heart-centred ways of being, in order to balance out all the fear, competition and separation. We need to experiment so we can find new ways of doing things.

Using yoga as a pathway into the body is but one aspect of a Holy Mama Retreat, and Retreat Facilitators need NOT be yoga instructors themselves. Connecting with nature, feeling strong via nourishing foods and being cared for by a loving team following Divine Feminine Principles are all elements of this holistic experience.

HolyMama retreats are for women to nurture the relationship with themselves, their child and each other as women.


HolyMama Supports Women to Realise their Dreams and Visions

Now you can Empower Others as you Embody, Expand and Rise


When you come into sacred space from the matrix of normal reality, it can move you out of your comfort zone. Which is exactly where the magic happens. As a HolyMama Certified Retreat Leader you will learn how to hold the space for others, especially women who have made the huge transition to motherhood and are dealing with overwhelm.

Being able to get away from the stresses of daily life to find connection with yourself and your child should be a birth right. There aren't enough sacred and safe spaces for women and children on the planet. My vision is that these kind of havens and sanctuaries will be the new ‘normal’ for everyone, including those struggling financially and especially those suffering from abuse, violence and isolation.  

I see HolyMama as part of the movement of the turning of the tides. Part of the shaking up of old structures and paradigms. One that gives women and children (and awakening men) the space to breathe and determine their own path.

I have a dream that within ten years every major city on the planet has a safe, sacred retreat place nearby for women and children to go to. It should be a haven in nature where they can find nurturing, connection and spiritual growth. This is part of the bigger restructuring of the fabrics of our communities where women, children and the environment move into the central focus for our resources.

Here’s to a future filled with joy, freedom, connection, independence and hope.


Lead Retreats where you can be your Authentic Self and Inspire Others

Become Part of the Ripple Effect that is Transforming the World

HolyMama has repeatedly been nominated as one of the best holidays to take your child by publications such as The Huffington Post, The Telegraph, The Guardian and Smallish Magazine.


In this programme I will uncover the blueprint for running successful retreats and what I have done to continuously sell out retreats since 2008

Claudia, Founder and Creatress

Becoming a HolyMama certified retreat facilitator opens up a world of possibility for you both personally and professionally. Whether you already host retreats, have a business which dovetails this work or are seeking to escape from a career which no longer offers purpose and meaning, HolyMama Certification gives you the support and credentials to do what you love and love what you do.

What are the benefits of becoming a HolyMama Certified Retreat Facilitator?

Work you can be Proud of because it’s Meaningful and Aligned with your Core Values

There is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than knowing you are making a positive difference in the world. Happiness studies show that the more people participate in meaningful activities supporting others, the happier they become and the more purposeful their lives feel. Becoming a HolyMama Certified Retreat Leader means you will be connected and in community with like-minded others. You will be living a life with integrity, purpose and contribution.

Awakening Leadership for New Times

HolyMama works with the new paradigms of leadership that are all about cooperation and co-creation. We believe in the alchemy of circle and that circle has the power to hold it all. It is power from within, not power over. By using these principles you will find true connection with staff and clients (what we like to call our ‘LoveField’).

As a HolyMama Certified Retreat Facilitator you will also support others in their own transformation and contribute to building a more loving planet. By facilitating the awakening, expansion and empowerment of others you are part of something much bigger.

A Holistic and Integrative Lifestyle Business in a Box

By taking the training you receive a tried and tested retreat business model that works. It is a holistic business in a box. After ten years of experience as a yoga resort founder, retreat leader and integrative nutrition health coach I have blazed a path that others can now tread with confidence and ease.

Travel while you Work

We all like to escape sometimes and spend time in beautiful places. As a HolyMama Certified Retreat Facilitator you get to choose the magical, sacred, high vibrational places on the planet you would like to spend more time in. You get to explore these places and feel like you’re on holiday even when you’re ‘working.’

Purpose and Financial Freedom

Develop the professional skills to make money doing what you love. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum or looking for a side hustle, becoming a HolyMama Certified Leader is a new career path that is all about freedom. The freedom to choose when and how you work will lead to more financial freedom. The working environment for a retreat facilitator is safe and sacred, rather than being fear-based and competitive.

Build a Business Around Your Life Instead of Bending your Life to Meet the Needs of a Job

When you have freedom in how and when you work, everything feels easier. You spend your days doing what you enjoy, rather than what you are being told to do. Financial freedom is being able to take a walk when you feel like it, take a day off when you need one or are desperate for some down-time or self-care. Financial freedom is also time to be with family and friends.

A Career that Grows With You

This career will expand as you do. It is not limited or restricted. There is no glass ceiling.

Becoming a HolyMama Certified Retreat Leader is an opportunity to reset your entire world. Your personal growth will be accelerated and you will become initiated into the art of sacred space holding.

Adaptable Prototype for Any Kind of Retreat

Once you have grasped the basics of hosting retreats with children, you can basically do anything. This is the hardest retreat to lead. I often joke that running a yoga business in crazy, unpredictable India was good preparation for running retreats with postpartum mums and children. It’s like you need bristle on your teeth. Any retreat you decide to do after this will feel like a walk in the park. So get the masters version of retreat hosting and you can always change your niche later.


Your certification training includes these valuable gifts of growth and empowerment

  • How to foster the qualities in yourself to become a respected retreat leader and discover why the transformative potential for retreat participants is directly related to the inner work of the facilitator

  • Access to my years of research on the new leadership paradigm and leadership trainings

  • How to cultivate the art of Sacred Space holding – a retreat facilitator’s highest calling and greatest gift

  • How to create a ‘LoveField’ around your retreat participants and team.

  • Bonus interviews with leading experts in key areas of business and personal growth and development

Help bring about balance on our planet and understand the need for our most vulnerable to have safe places. In our increasingly complex, fragmented world where mothers and children are isolated and working life is kept separate from home life, there is a real need to experiment with new forms of community. The cutting-edge concept retreats, HolyMama, provide the opportunity for mothers to reconnect with themselves, each other, their children and nature.


During this 9 month training...

I will guide you step-by-step through everything you need to know in order to run successful retreats around the world.

You'll also receive the forms, worksheets & special bonus tutorials with my personal mentors so that you have everything you need to hit the ground running.

This is an online training with the option to get live, onsite support. I will share what I have learnt in over 10 years of running retreats around the world. And believe me it is a very steep learning curve. So instead of falling in the deep end of retreat leading chaos, you get a huge heads up and can avoid the mistakes I made.



The course includes:


9 Modules with Certification Workbook so that you can explore your ideas and track your progress

9 Audio Trainings delivered each Monday to your inbox which you can listen to when it suits you

9 Live Video Calls so you can ask questions, discuss the course content, pick my brains and mastermind with the group to co-create your retreat (we will choose the day and time for this call based on the groups preferences. Either way you can email in questions and you will receive the recordings if you can't attend the live call)

Private coaching call with HolyMama founder, Claudia Spahr where you get her feedback on your personal retreat plan based on her decade of expertise in running retreats and facilitating workshops round the world

Bonus Video Trainings with my personal mentors and colleagues on subjects like leadership, branding, marketing, money mindset and a special virtual workshop on owning your shadow

Templates, Handouts and Funsheets for costs, bookings, schedules, retreat programme etc.

A Facilitator Profile and entry into our HolyMama Certified Facilitator Retreats page so that women seeking retreats in your area can find you easily

Access to HolyMama Certified Retreat Leader private Facebook group for ongoing support, encouragement and to get your questions answered once the programme is finished and you are running your own retreats

Price Calculation Forms so you don’t miss any details, get in a twist over finances and end up paying out of your own pocket

Cancellation, terms and conditions, legal documents so you can avoid headaches, unwanted lawsuits or other legal challenges

Marketing, Client Handouts and Website Copy so you can sell your retreat with confidence and professionalism (this feature alone is worth the price of the training because it is what a copywriter will charge you for their work)

Retreat Participant Forms so you can keep track of bookings and client details, needs and expectations

Retreat Planner so that you have your retreat schedule well organised and don’t forget any essential details

Website Design Tools and Templates so you can save time and money when it comes to creating your own website

Pre-Retreat Countdown Checklist so you know exactly WHEN to send out WHAT before the retreat

Retreat Participants Forms All the vital forms and information your clients need to receive for the retreat


Copy of IMG_E6159.JPG

In this training I will also share:

  • The juju sauce to running successful group programmes and selling out retreats

  • Finding your niche as a retreat leader with a new concept retreat

  • Facts and figures and why you shouldn’t get caught up in the competition, scarcity mindset

  • Social enterprise and ways of making a difference

  • My crazy, hilarious retreat stories



Module one.JPG

Module One

In Module One we will explore the importance of sacred and embodied feminine leadership at this time, as women awaken to a new way of being with themselves, their families and children. We will discuss how leadership could look in the new paradigm. You will learn how to use circle for leadership and how to create a Love Field for your attendees. 

Providing a safe container for the transformation of your staff and retreat attendees is essential for a successful retreat. I will delve into the archetype of the High Priestess and why she is useful for those who want to lead retreats. 

We will look at different levels of leadership and find out where you are on the scale in terms of being an effective, embodied leader. Studying different laws of leadership we will build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

We will explore the importance of aligning with your ‘why’. What are your values and goals, and how will becoming a Holy Mama Certified Leader support this vision?

Finally, we will also cover self-care, energy levels and boundaries – vital components in order for you to be in your power as a grounded and centred Retreat Leader.

N.B Previous to Module One you will receive a kick-start bonus training with fun tests to check your strengths and discover your why.

Module 2.JPG

Module Two

In Module Two we firstly focus on you, your goals and your ambitions. We deep dive and explore the type of style you would like to offer, what suits you, and what do you want to offer as a Retreat Leader.

We then focus on your avatar, your target market. What kind of women are they and what energy and needs they may bring to your retreat. 

Taking all this into account we will define the path for transformation for you and your attendees and what could be your unique brand positioning.

This module includes a special bonus seminar on embracing and owning your personal shadow and understanding the collective feminine shadow.

Module Three.jpg

Module Three

Module Three is all about location . Let's find your Dream Retreat Location

What do you need to know when you go on a reconnaissance mission and location scouting? What is important and if things can be improved, how? 

We will go over key negotiation points with the venue and what you need to look out for.

Using our Holy Mama checklists we give you the confidence to ensure it is the perfect venue for your retreat.  

We discuss the importance of child friendly venues and what this exactly means. We will also discuss the benefits and challenges of sourcing an established venue, or developing your own. We cover mark-ups and how this can affect your choice of venue.

Following Module Three, you will feel confident enough to nail down the venue for your retreat, so that this training is not just a dry run.

Copy of IMG_1757.JPG

Module Four

In Module Four we make the number crunching and viability of retreat profitability easy. Via a profit clarity work sheet you will get creative.

I will let you in on my first retreat story, and we will delve into the importance of building a non-debt business through to revenue flow.

We review your expenses and costs through to pricing, salaries and profit.

We cover organic growth, the pace and path to success, and the advantage of growth and demand. 

I will share my insider view on growing a retreat business over a decade and how to know when to scale. And of course how to scale.

We cover your team and employee development, recruitment and retention.

In this module we also look more closely at the wellness industry and how important it is to walk your talk. The goal after all is sustainability, freedom and happiness.


Module Five

Module Five focuses on Marketing.

We look at the different types of marketing you need to implement off- and online.

We will look at websites, copy, and traffic. We will also look at email marketing, list building strategies, sales funnels, newsletters and ways to attract your clients.

With the HolyMama website templates you will be able to put together a website and we will talk about techie things like opt-ins, conversions, analytics and Chinese (otherwise known as HTML). We will also provide some basic design tools and tips to build your own website and a list of our favourite providers.

I will share with you the keys to marketing with authenticity and heart and the psychology of smart marketing. 

This is actually a complete training in business and marketing condensed into one module. Talk about value, value, value.

Module 6.JPG

Module Six

Module Six has an emphasis on team, team building and team management. We talk about the importance of all roles and responsibilities within your team and the benefits of having an inner circle. This includes the essential inner circle criteria.

We cover who you need to hire, what you want to do yourself and what can be outsourced. We will also explore what needs doing in terms of administration, marketing, teaching, therapy, cooking, childcare and photography to coaching.  

When you start your retreat business you'll find you are putting out most of the fires yourself, but developing an awareness of what your superpower is will help you delegate when the time is right. 

We cover attraction, recruitment and compatibility, performance development and even dismissal, to ensure you have the best team possible for your retreat. 

There will be a special focus on hiring for the childcare team (HolyCarers) as getting this right is huge, if you are organising retreats with mothers and children. 

You will receive handouts with on-site working guidelines and role descriptions you can use for your staff.

module 7 possibility.JPG

Module Seven

In Module Seven we focus on your customer. Using the Holy Mama forms and templates provided, the booking process will be simple and easy...and most importantly legal.

We review customer expectations, to ensure everyone´s needs are met and exceeded, accommodation legalities, and how to build a simple and risk free booking process, so you can focus on your customer and their needs. 

A very important part of a retreat business is on-boarding and here we will share our secrets on how to 'get bums on seats'. Good communication between you and the customer is key. There are ways to do it well and ways to absolutely not do it. I will share my stories and mistakes I made along the way.

This module will also look at what to do with difficult customers, how to hold the space for a big group and how important intention and acceptance are in making your clients feel safe.

File 5-10-2017 5 16 08 pm.jpeg

Module 8

Module Eight has a focus on the daily schedule of your retreat. This is a lot of fun. We review retreat schedules, minute by minute to ensure you can go about planning yours with fine detail and have space for those special finishing touches.

I will share my secrets of what didn't work and why, so that you can plan your schedule knowing the pitfalls. 

We will look at the crucial first two days of the retreat when expectations are most high and give you an idea what happens over the course of a transformational week.

I have served hundreds of retreat clients over the years and not one group or retreat week has been the same. BUT there are some general rules of thumb, when it comes to what works and keeping things flowing smoothly.

In this module we'll also look at shorter retreats, like a 3 day weekend retreat - which could be a good way to start, if you want to test the waters first.

 A tight, perfectly planned and implemented schedule allows for more freedom and flexibility within the structure because:


We will give you ALL our tips and secrets. This module will inspire you to create your own experience, based on our tried and tested model.  


Module Nine

In our final module, module nine, we look specifically at what it means to run retreats with mums and children.

The demand for these kind of retreats is huge and mothers are in such need of them.

We will look at meal planning and timing (which is worse a hungry mum or a hungry toddler?) and will give you our HolyCarer Childcare schedule, which has taken us years to perfect.

When the children are happy, the mums are happy. Part of our special sauce at HolyMama is to provide children with space for learning and expansion and of course lots of fun and laughter.

A yoga retreat (zen) and children (noisy, unpredictable chaos) needn’t be an oxymoron. We will give you the vital tools and methods on how to make the ‘impossible’ a joy for all those present

Once you learn how to host a retreat for mums and kids you can apply many tools to all kinds of retreats: Yoga; Detox; Meditation; Spiritual Teaching; Life Coaching; Boot Camps & Adventure.

Following Module Nine there will be a final call to integrate and embody the teachings, as well as an opportunity for us to celebrate in a Closing Ceremony.

This is a special, by-application only training for a select, small group. 

Our times are calling for retreats as ‘islas de luz’ (islands of light) because they give us necessary time-out, tools for self-awareness and reconnection with source. I believe retreats are a key component to reaching the critical mass needed to shift global consciousness in a positive way.

About Claudia.jpg


I am a Swiss-English author, speaker, activator and coach specialising in womens´ health, fertilility, pregnancy and motherhood. Before becoming a retreat founder and mother of three, I worked as a journalist and foreign correspondent for radio and TV.

I’m passionate about getting women to feel more in control of their health, well-being and life. I awaken others to their own intuition and strength. I’m also known as a visionary who breaks forward old paradigms and helps women shape-shift.

My aim is to inspire and empower. Create and innovate. Connect and awaken.

I believe every woman is unique and beautiful.

I believe that by connecting with nature we tap into source. By reclaiming our womb wisdom we set everyone in our lineage free, unlocking the greatest power in the universe.

Be Associated with a Brand that has a Great Reputation, Fantastic Press Reviews and Top Ranking on the Internet. This is an Invaluable Benefit for Both New and Experienced Retreat Leaders Alike. 

Are you Ready to Change your Life and Empower Others?

Do you share the HolyMama Vision of Co-Creating Retreats for Women and Children all over the World so that these Safe Spaces become the New Normal?


I am offering the HolyMama Certification Programme in response to the increasing demand for this specific training and because I believe in the power of women co-creating. 

We ran the first round of this course in 2018 and many of the graduates have successfully launched and hosted their first retreats (see their retreats here). Our next course will take place January to April 2019. If you would like to join our select group please apply via the link below or email us. 

Register now to be part of the next group to take this out into the world.

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The Holy Mama Retreat Leader Certification course is a heart-felt deep dive into the world of leading transformational retreats. Claudia has a depth of knowledge that can only be gained from years of hands on experience. She freely shared this knowledge with us throughout the program. She is a gift and the knowledge transferred is truly a life changing gift she is putting out into the world.
— Jeantte Sealy, 2018 | www.thelotusexperience.org
I felt that the information provided was in depth and really is all we need to start our own retreats.
— Angela Macha, 2018 | www.instagram.com/ittAkesAvillAgeretreAts/
HolyMama Certification training taught me to value myself. To enter this training, without knowing how to pay for it, but feeling I deserved it, was one if the biggest steps I took in my life. I feel that this training has giving me inspiration to continue my path as a retreat leader.
— Marjolein Voss, 2018 | www.wombfulness.nl